Автор Тема: What is up with Western Europeans these days?  (Прочетена 1534 пъти)

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What is up with Western Europeans these days?
« -: Август 09, 2018, 23:21:51 »
Hello, you fine folks.

To make a long story short, I can’t but wonder what is up with my English compatriots and other Western Europeans these days?! It’s like people have gone absolutely mad and retarded out of the blue.

Women are like they “we can’t find men to mate with so instead we’re gonna go and fuck some random AIDS-infected, ugly and retarded Niggers from Africa or Arabs from the Deserts, maybe even dirty Paki bastards and shit-smelling Hindus”.  Or maybe all Western women have the fetish for inbred black cock tips and Syphilis cum. I don’t know.

And Western men are like the biggest pussies ever. The Swedish people -- the Vikings, and Germans and how they rose in power during the Nazis, the French and Napoleon’s spirit, the Spaniards -- the Conquistadors, England was the biggest empire of all times -- the British Empire, and Americans from a free nations became a multicultural madness.

America became a melting pot for Chinks, all types of other Gooks, Arab bearded goat fuckers, and their biggest problem -- the Mexicans. Mexicans now make up to 60% of the LA’s population. Insane. All of the Southern States are overloaded with Latino scum. Now all these nations and even the Netherlands and some other small countries are filling their European Holy Lands with retarded low IQ inbred monkeys from the Savannas, sandniggers from the Deserts, and other Asian dog-eating and shit-eating bastards.

Western European countries don’t have enough population? Is that it? No. Countries like Denmark and the Netherlands even have too many people. Now with all that Untermensch cunts immigrating into Europe, they’re gonna have even a bigger problem.

Western men are not capable enough? No. The German, French and English engineering capabilities are known to everyone around the world, even to these smelly inbred bastards.

Why are we taking them in and why are we so tolerant about all this? This is the destruction of Europe. It’ll be the end of it. Our grandmothers and fathers will be fucked and robbed by disgusting Niggers and Arabic autistic knobs.

My mother now can’t go outside to buy some cheese because of these 3rd world cancer cells.

So I want to know. Why did my fellow mates took them in? For Germans we know. WW II guilt. But what about Sweden? They don’t have guilt, nor was Colonisators.

What the fuck?! What is Europe, some rich state that gives welfare forever for free? I have a mate from Birmingham and it became the biggest shitehole ever, because Niggers and Arab terrorists are turning our place into their monkey habitat, just the way these cunts like it and are used to it.