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Re:So... Stormfront Bulgaria?
« Отговор #75 -: Юни 09, 2010, 12:39:25 »
In addition, Bulgarian historian Veselin Beshevliev has conjectured that the frequent Danube Bulgar runic sign ıYı stands for "Tangra", as it seems to disappear after the conversion to Christianity.

This our Old Testament , isen't it  :-)

Well about this rune IYI there are many theories. You have to know something about these theories cuz I don't want to have misunderstandings.  :*

There are many theories about the origin of the Bolg Aryans (Bulgarians) The "Tengriism" theory is very old and it connects the ancient Bulgarians with the Turkic-Mongol family which is a big absurd. Absurd because if this theory is true, the modern Bulgarians should look like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans or simple Mongolians. But we simple don't look like them. More - we are one of the most white people of the Balkans (more white than the Greeks and definitely more white than the Turks and Albanians)

The Turkic theory is a communistic-jewish fabrication and just want to represent the Bulgarians as some wild uneducated barbarian invaders from Asia. This theory is so simple, that even a 6 years old child can see that we are white Europoid people, classical Caucasoids (70% Caucasoids which makes us one of the most pure nations in Europe). For example the Russians are only 45% Slavs (Neo-Danubians), the Poles are only 55% Slavs. The Ukrainians are one of the most mixed people.

This is because the Bulgarians never mixed with other people. In our folklore you can read a lot about Bulgarian girls, who made suicide because they have been raped by Turks (during the Ottoman slavery 500 years). They simple don't want to give birth to a Turkish kid. That's called a racial purity - also favoured by Adolf Hitler.  ;-) 

Yes , maybe you are right . There are theories that Thor came from Troja , and Odin from Caucasus...
Infact , they should stem from same family...but some say that ODIN was the real stem father , and Thor just a mythological figure that never really existed .

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