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Краен националист:
Ема ще се пише се някои за балгарин все пак, то така се започва приятелю.

Инжинер Донев:
Ето писмено черно на бяло пише че Българите богомили след като са били изгонени от българия, минават през сърбия и остават в Босна
The Bogomils spread westwards and settled first in Serbia; but at the end of the 12th century Stefan Nemanja, king of Serbia, burned them, persecuted them and expelled them from the country. Large numbers took refuge in Bosnia, where they were known under the name of Patarenes or Patareni. There, they were also brought into connection with the indigenous Bosnian Church, which was also considered heretical by the Pope and Byzantines, but was not actually Bogomil in nature. From Bosnia, their influence extended into Italy (Piedmont). The Hungarians undertook many crusades against the heretics in Bosnia, but towards the close of the 15th century, the conquest of that country by the Turks put an end to their persecution. It is alleged that a large number of the Bosnian Paterenes, and especially the nobles, embraced Islam. Few or no remnants of Bogomilism have survived in Bosnia. The Ritual in Slavonic written by the Bosnian Radoslav, and published in vol. xv. of the Starine of the South Slavonic Academy at Agram, shows great resemblance to the Cathar ritual published by Cunitz, 1853. See F Rački, "Bogomili i Paternai" in Rad, vols. vii., viii. and x. (Agram, 1870); Dollinger, Beiträge zur Ketzergeschichte des Mittelalters, 2 vols. (Munich, 1890).

Инжинер Донев:
В Боснии повсюду есть также много болгарских монастырей… В Боснии все люди говорят по-болгарски…

Симеон Лехаци (17 век). Путевые заметки. М. Восточная литература. 1965

Редактирано от модератор: Премахване на невалиден линк.

Нашият Велик Род има потомци в цяла Европа 8)

Я да видим снимки на босненци - мъже и жени, да преценим колко сме близки :)


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