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The Bulgars & Bulgarians: History of Bulgaria

Origin of the Bulgarians (Bulgars)

The Bulgarians - history, culture and traditions

1.That Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe.
2.That Bulgaria is the birthplace of the Cyrillic Alphabet
3.That the nature is extremely beautiful
4.That a Bulgarian has invented the Computer
5.That Bulgaria had a Space Program
6.That Bulgarian singers/groups have Grammy Awards
7.That Bulgaria is visited yearly by about 7 million tourists
8.That Bulgaria has the largest IMAX3D Cinema in the world
9.That Bulgaria has the largest Sports Complex in Europe
10.That Bulgaria had a big automobile industry in the past
11.That Bulgaria is in the European Union and NATO.
12.That Bulgaria fostered the world's oldest known writing system (Gradezhnitsa tablets)
13.That Bulgaria's civilized history dates back more than six millennia
14.That Bulgaria ranks third in the world according to the number of cultural and historical sites, after Greece and Italy.
15.Bulgaria is the birthplace of Orpheus and Spartacus.
16.Bulgaria is one of the oldest members of the Antarctic Treaty System and has scientific bases on Antarctica.
17.That Bulgaria has reached the semi-finals in the FIFA World Cup 1994
18.That a Bulgarian animator has created episodes for many Cartoon Network shows
19. That the most popular Russian Singer - Filip Kirkorov was born in Bulgaria and his father is a Bulgarian.
20.That the yoghurt was invented in Bulgaria and it is the only country in the world that has the bactery needed for making yogurth.
21.That Bulgaria hosts the biggest observatories in Eastern Europe
22.That Bulgaria has the most developed winter resort in Eastern Europe
23.That Bulgaria has one of the strongest volleyball teams in Europe
24.That one of the top chess-masters in the world is a Bulgarian
25.That in the olympic games in 1980 , Bulgaria was on third place by won medals.
26.That the National Palace of Culture was proclaimed the best congress centre in the world.
27.That Bulgaria has the 22nd most Expensive street in the world
28.That The American College of Sofia is the oldest American institution outside the United States
29.That Bulgaria had a major role in the Harry Potter universe.
30.That Rita Wilson , who is Tom Hanks wife , was born in Bulgaria and her father is a Bulgarian.
31.That The central park of Sofia - ''Borisova Gradina'' is actually larger than ''Central Park'' in New York.
32.That Bulgaria has one of the best sumo-wrestlers in the world
33.That Bulgaria is the largest producer of AK-47 , after Russia .
34.That Bulgarian-made hanguns ''Makarov'' were used by the main characters in some episodes of the world famous TV Serial - ''LOST''.
35.That the Balkan Peninsula derives its name from a mountain in Bulgaria
36.That Bulgaria was holding the title - ''Unofficial FIFA World Champion'' on August 1985.
37.That Bulgaria is the country that has most appereances on FIFA World Cups and European Championships in Eastern Europe
38.That Bulgaria is the only country that saved its entire jewish population during World War II
39.Hewlett-Packard,built its Global Service Centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa in Bulgaria.
40.That Microsoft Bulgaria , is the largest Microsoft producer in Eastern Europe.
41.That Bulgaria is the country with most tourist summer and spa resorts on the Black Sea coast
42.Bulgaria is the only country in Eastern Europe , that has a replica of the "Eiffel Tower".
43.That ''News Corporation'' owned by Ruppert Murdock , made its central for Eastern Europe called ''Balkan News Corporation'' in Bulgaria.
44.That Bulgaria is one of the first countries in Europe to have a Tramway public transit.
45.That A Bulgarian doctor made possible the Full Knowledge of the Human Heart.
46.That A Bulgarian folklore song is provided on The Voyager Golden Record which is a phonograph record included in the two Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977.
47.One of the creators of the virtual cinematography , used in ''The Matrix'' is a Bulgarian.
48.That A Bulgarian found the most far known planet for astronomers in the world.
49.The first woman pilot in the world is a Bulgarian
50.The Statue of Leonardo Da Vinci, which stands in the Rome Airport in Italy , was made by a Bulgarian Sculptor.
51.The Germany's EU Coins were invented by a Bulgarian woman.
52.The World's First Digital Wristwatch was developed by a Bulgarian inventor.
53.The First Air-dropped Bomb in Military History , was developed by the Bulgarian Air-Force during the First Balkan War in 1912.
54.The Photocopy technique and the Photocopy machine , were invented by a Bulgarian Scientist.
55.Bulgaria has most wins and medals for rhytmic gymnastics in the world.
56.One of the first inventors of ''Boeing'' airplanes is a Bulgarian.
57.In it's military history , Bulgaria never lost a flag captured by a enemy army.
58.A Bulgarian book was used for making of the famous ''14 points for a peaceful world'' and establishing the United Nations.
60.The developer of the combined oral contraceptive pill is a Bulgarian scientist.
61.Bulgaria produces half of the Rose oil in the world.
62.The Ferris wheel was invented in Bulgaria.
63.The oldest golden treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria.
64.Varna is on 2nd place in the ''Cities with most beautiful women in the world '' chart.
65.That a Bulgarian scientist has lead the engineering team who made 'Apollo 11'.

Thank you . Very good information  :-)

"29.That Bulgaria had a major role in the Harry Potter universe"

Can you explain a little bit more nr. 29 ?

38.That Bulgaria is the only country that saved its entire jewish population during World War II

 :-D :-D :-D


--- Цитат на: bulgarian085 в Май 13, 2010, 15:56:16 ---38.That Bulgaria is the only country that saved its entire jewish population during World War II

 :-D :-D :-D

--- Край на цитат ---

Yes , and I think this is the reason why maybe in Bulgaria you can deny holocaust ??
It seems like they set reason like this for saying the truth . In Germany it's totally forbidden . In USA they so called fighted for them , and there they can deny...and so on....

Strange world we live in . (shake) I thought the truth were the truth where ever you lived...


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